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Current & Past Academic Positions:

Adjunct Professor/Lecturer: Georgetown Law Center, Washington, D.C. (“Governance of Land”); School of Law, University of California at Los Angeles (“Legal Aspects of Urban and Regional Land Use Planning”); Graduate School of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Southern California; and, School of Social Ecology, University of California at Irvine (“Environmental Law and Policy”). Lecturer, other ad-hoc conferences and institutes, including: the California State Bar, Environmental Law Section, Annual Yosemite Environmental Law Conference (2006 and 2007, regarding freight, collaborative processes and environmental and community impacts); the Department of Housing and Urban Development (impact of environmental regulation); the Southwest Institute of Planning and Zoning (specific plans); the Practicing Law Institute; the American Law Institute/American Bar Association (wetlands); the Natural Resources Law Center, University of Colorado (endangered species); the California Continuing Education of the Bar (habitat conservation planning); Continuing Legal Education International (multiple: Denver, San Francisco and San Diego conferences); the Environmental Law Institute; the Morris Udall Center for Conflict Resolution (collaboration under the Endangered Species Act); the Association of Municipal Sewer Agencies; the California Association of Sewer Agencies and the Smithsonian Institute (speaker, Earth Day program 1994).

Current & Past Academic Positions:

Co-chairman of the Board of Directors of the Growth Management Institute (Washington, D.C.); Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Real Property Law Section of the California State Bar Association; Member of the National Policy and Environmental Councils of the Urban Land Institute; Member of the Board of Councilors of the School of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Southern California; Member, Advisory Board of the Department of Planning, Policy and Design, University of California at Irvine; Member, Board of Directors, Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation of Arts and Crafts; Registered as a Facilitator with the United States Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution (a federal organization).

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